Worldwide there are 8 billion kilos of plastics being thrown in the sea each year, a major pollution that has disastrous impact on the sea life. Today there are some initiatives to fish plastic from the sea to clean the ocean, but when the plastic comes back there is no real solution except to burn it or leave it on the landfill.

TRIDEA , a startup with more than 3 years of experience , transforms recycled plastic into filament to be used in 3D printing. Today, TRIDEA want to go further and offer a sustainable solution to the plastic that is being fished out of the sea, by giving a new life to this plastic. This is why we are launching the True Sea Project.

We’re live on crowdfunding now :

A crowdfunding campaign is coming

What’s crowdfunding ?

People unify to act togheter in a project on a global scale. When we all act together towards one goal we are more than likely to reach our goal!

Why crowdfunding ?

We want to have a real direct impact on the sea. We believe in the power of the community, this is a project that we want to realise with your help.

How hard do we need your help ?

It’s simple. We already recycle the plastic, but we want to have a HUGE IMPACT on medias and on people by making them realize we can make the change now !

And this HUGE IMPACT cannot happen without your help.  Don’t under estimate yourself, you can make an impact on the people around you, and that’s how crowdfunding works!

Share this campaign now, tell the world how awesome this project is !


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Our aim is to start the production on the plastic from the sea to perfect the transformation in 3D printing material that can be used to 3D print different objects. Through 3D printing, we can produce many useful objects small of large ( decoration, furnitures,…) and show the community that we have found a viable solution that could be implemented on a larger scale.

The “end goal” of the True Sea project is to set up printing centres in countries that have been hit the hardest because of the plastic waste in the ocean.

4 more reasons to support us and share

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1. We’re a young company

Tridea was created in 2015, and our vision is that there is no such thing as waste. 

2. Our plan works

We have been collecting and recycling plastic from businesses, NGO’s and events  in Belgium.

3. We aim to go globa, were do you want us to be?

With THE TRUE SEA PROJECT, we want to go big ! What beach do you want us to clean and use the plastic in our 3D printers?

4. You can join the project and help us to make it bigger

Join the community, we’re on every social media, listening to all feedback! We want to achieve this project together.

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