The prizes

(based on votes)

1st place – $10 000 worth of print in a 3m X 2m X 1,5m size.
2nd to 11th – $1500 worth of print – size: 1,2m X 1,5m X 1m.
All designers – $500 worth in printing coupon (40% off)


1st pick – Win the object of your choice printed in 1,2m X 1,5m X 1m.
All voters – $250 worth in printing coupon (40% off) & Early access to our CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN


19th march – Jury selection

The Jury will offer $1500 worth of printing and visibility to every design picked as rewards in the crowdfunding campaign.

19th april – Vote selection

You’ve got until then to submit & promote your art to get as many votes as possible to reach the top 11 places.

Let’s create awesome useful objects from plastic taken out of the sea !

$25 000 to win (see rules at the bottom of this page).

The challenge


How can I create a 3D file without knowledge in 5 min ?

You can use free online tools like one of these:

Thinkercad :

Create by combining simple shapes and texts  www.tinkercad.com.

You can also search any public content and start on a public domain creation using this library: www.tinkercad.com/search/

Selva3D :

Draw or use a picture or an image you created on computer to create a 3D STL object here: www.selva3d.com

Find inspiration – 3D communities

Discover the rules

Rule #1 : Everybody wins

Let’s start with something fresh with this contest:
Voter, Contestant and environment wins !

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